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Patient relationships. A lasting effect.

As I grow my practice in Carlsbad, I meet and get to know new people on a daily basis. Each smiling face I see inspires me to be the best clinician I can be, and to have a personal impact on the lives of the people I treat. Your lives touch me and make me realize our beautiful and diverse life is. I see kids grow up in my office. I see their fears of seeing the dentist fade and never exist. I have realized that it’s all in how things are approached, how thoughts and opinions are fashioned at an early age. Trust, confidence, and relationships that never waiver in how we treat each other.


Yesterday, one of our patients, Ashley Mitchell, was in the hospital suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. She is only 31. She was in her bed at UCSD, barely breathing, with family and friends around her. They believe these are her final days. She will leave behind her husband, David, and two kids.


The impact that she and her family has had on me and my office staff is indefinite. Immeasurable. It was obvious that we come into one another’s lives for a reason. We realize that our daily interactions are more than a service, but a deeper contact and connection that impacts us for the rest of our lives. Losing someone to such a savage, brutal illness such as cancer breaks your heart. Especially when it happens so young, with so much to lose and depart from.


I hope she and her family find peace, tranquility and days of no sadness, pain, or suffering.


With much love to all, Sean Hariri, DDS

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