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New York Post Article about “dangerous toothpaste chemical”, Triclosan

The New York post published an article September 4th, 2016 about the FDA banning triclosan, a chemical found in hand soaps that provided substantivity, developed in the 1960’s to prevent hospital infections, also called nosocomial infections.


The mucous membranes and access to direct blood vessels in the mouth via the sublingual arteries (majority by the lingual artery), the periodontal sulcus, as well as the thousands of capillaries in the periodontium and the surrounding tissues are direct pathways into absorbing any chemicals introduced into the mouth. The salivary glands that surround the oral cavity are also pathways to absorb any chemicals that are introduced into the mouth.


The Natural Resources Defense Council has sued the FDA stating that triclosan in toothpaste is the most dangerous source because of the mouths ability to absorb more toxins.


Updates will be posted on the topic.

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