Laser Dental Treatment

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Laser Dental Treatment

Laser Dental Treatment is the forefront of dental care and lasers are used to achieve minimal bleeding, minimal discomfort, and outstanding results! Our practice uses lasers in a majority of our dental treatments and provide the best care with the highest level of comfort.


In patients who have recurring periodontal pocketing with bleeding and recession, lasers are used to destroy the contributing bacterial that cause periodontal disease. When a laser is used, the outcomes of periodontal surgery are leaps and bounds better and more predictable.


Lasers are used to treat cold sores, canker sores, to remove excess gingival tissue and to contour gums for that perfect smile line. The use of dental lasers is absolutely painless, causes less bleeding and healing time is in a few hours to a day or two rather than weeks.


Dr. Hariri provides all dental laser surgeries and helps you heal better and faster with no pain or discomfort. Our dental hygienist Elisa can provide gum health and teeth cleaning services, using traditional sonic scalers or with laser bacterial reduction treatments below the gum line. Dr. Hariri will comfortably provide laser treatment for you to obtain healthier and painless results. Whether it’s to prevent further bone loss or to get your teeth the whitest they can be for a special event! Meet our gentle and caring staff at your convenience.


Feel free to stop by for a laser dental treatment consultation. If you have a canker sore or cold sore, come in for a laser treatment to see the results for yourself. Mention our website and receive 20% off your dental laser treatment.

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