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Dental Implants and What to Ask…

Dental implants are the treatment of choice for missing or failed teeth. Damaging adjacent teeth for placement of a multi unit bridge is usually not ideal for replacing missing teeth or a standard of care for treatment.


Dental implant surgery is comfortable, with little to no post surgical pain. You do not have to be “put under” for dental implant surgery and a single unit implant placement can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.


Immediate provisional placement aka “leaving with a temporary tooth” is most commonly done and you do not have to have a missing tooth while your implant heals.


  1. Ask what type of restoration is best for your scenario
  2. Ask if there is proper bone thickness and space for placing an implant
  3. Ask what the contraindications are for selecting an Implant for treatment of choice
  4. Ask how long an implant is to be left with a temporary crown until the permanent one can be placed
  5. Ask if a titanium or ceramic implant is best for you, as well as the abutment and crown type

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