ImplantsDental Implants

Believe it or not, dental implants are the standard of care in dentistry. For failing teeth, or for missing teeth, traditional dentures or “bridges” are not commonly recommended. Implant restorations, though as scary and painful as they may seem or sound, are some of the least painful, easy on the body dental treatments in dentistry. Dental implants usually cause NO next day pain or discomfort, or any discomfort during the surgery itself.

Dental implant treatment has become more cost effective over the past 5 years. What once was a half a day procedure with general anesthetic, bruising and bleeding, soreness or pain for days after, costing upwards of $6,000 can now be done in about 30 mins, with local anesthetic, and total next day comfort for a fraction of the price.

DON’T GET FOOLED BY “IMPLANT” SERVICES COSTING $750 OR LESS. Ask what it includes, what follow up care is provided, what type of implant is placed, what imaging and X-Rays are included, is a bone graft needed, and if so, how much? How much experience does the doctor have? Is a stent used? Are you being diagnosed from a 3d Cone Beam Radiograph? We can always provide you a consultation or a second opinion for your knowledge and eduction at no charge. 

Feel free to request a complimentary implant consultation to learn whats involved in a dental implant, the components, the surgery itself, and related fees.